This morning started off like most mornings: Hank made me a delicious smoothie for breakfast. Ewan stole my delicious smoothie.

Hank made me another delicious smoothie for breakfast. It was time to teach yoga, so I put my delicious breakfast smoothie in the fridge so that it could be my delicious lunch smoothie. And at lunchtime, Holden stole my delicious lunch smoothie and shared it with his brother. Ugh.

I ate a Larabar in the car on the way to The Flower Bin.

Oh? Did I hear you ask, “What is The Flower Bin?” It is, quite possibly, one of the greatest places on the planet. And we rocked it today, only blowing our veggie plant budget by $10, because we had to buy a golden raspberry bush. This bush, along with our eight new strawberry plants, put Holden to chattering with mucho excitement about having our own berry patch, and who needs that stinkin’ Berry Patch Farms place (um, I do), and on and on. Seriously. On and on. To put “on and on” into perspective for you, we bought our plants at 3:30 this afternoon and we put him to bed at 8:30 still chattering about his berry patch.

On and on, people.

While Holden was actually helping, Ewan was not. He was covertly pulling leaves off of the hanging baskets.

I will be back for these bad boys next week. All of them. I might blow the flower budget by more than $10. Don’t tell Hank.

Can’t wait for tomorrow morning when we plant our herbs and squash and lettuce and onions and cukes. What will he say to that? Oh, no need to bite your fingernails over it. I’m sure I’ll tell you tomorrow.

After The Flower Bin, everyone needed snacks. The mere mention of this made the Terror happy.

We stopped at Whole Foods in Boulder,  where I bumped into my beloved yoga teacher, De West. It took all of two minutes for us both to be in near tears, her telling me that she was on a  much needed date with her husband but already missing their two-year-old daughter, and me telling her that Hank had just stopped the car to tell me that I was the center of our family’s world and how happy he and the boys are because of it. I tell you, at the close of a very busy and emotional week, that last part showed me how much magic there is in this world.

Magic is sometimes in the form of a shared peanut butter cookie. Especially when you get to fiercely protect your larger half from your baby brother,

Who might not be able to even reach his on top of the table. Stinks being the short guy.

And magic is sometimes having a pretty good photo taken by your four-year-old.

And to top off this beautiful, magical day of reconnecting, planting, and seeing how much has grown in our flower garden already, we had our first dinner of the season on the back deck. I’m so ready for summer.

And since Ewan evidently prayed for his morning smoothie,

He also prayed for his dinner.

He even tasted quinoa for the first time (as did Hank and I).

But did not like it. (We did.)

Holden gobbled up his steak, but once again, those green beans are going to kill us all,

So I went to take pictures of the back garden while he wept.

I busted out the macro lens for this funky shot, which looks like Todd Helton and I are being flushed down a toilet-bowl-vortex. Kinda weird.

Which strangely reminded me that earlier in the day, Holden threw Trekkie signs.

Yep, magic today. A good day to plant a berry patch. A good day to recoup. And a good day to shed a tear or two of sweetness.