All you need.

Let me just start by saying…

2012 sucked.

Lots of good things came out of it, but I have coined it as “the lost year” and I am so glad it’s finito. But 2013? Oh boy. It’s going to be FANTASTIC.

This past week, month even, has done a very thorough job in reminding us about the important things in life – each other. Already, many fear demons have been faced via New Year’s Resolutions, and we are in a daily process of falling in love with each other over and over. I feel that some big healing is happening already in the regular wear-and-tear of our relationships, specifically between Hank and me, in parenting our boys, and in friendships.

Do you remember this post? Well, ol’ girl broke a couple of weeks ago, and not in the proverbial sense. About 7:45 one morning, I heard a “you have got to be kidding me…” from Hank as he was emptying the dishwasher and I knew. But instead of sadness welling up in my chest or a desire to plan its elaborate funeral, I felt excited.

So weird.

But I did. I thought with relief that there would be no more tip-toeing around my favorite coffee cup, being overly cautious with every stinkin’ sip. I came downstairs and saw that the handle had broken off cleanly and in a way that it can be repaired and knew that this was awesome; like all beautiful relationships, this one had survived the first fracture and could be mended, adding a lovely chapter to its story and a knowing that we are both becoming better and wiser storytellers.

I let our almost-4yo tell me a part of his story today. I gave him room and freedom and just listened to the way that his laugh starts as a chuckle and then goes so deep that it turns quiet.

0131 play-041-Edit 0131 play-055-Edit 0131 play-056-Edit 0131 play-057-Edit 0131 play-060 0131 play-061 0131 play-062 0131 play-069 0131 play-080 0131 play-089 0131 play-092

He needed to do one of his favorite things: check between his toes for goodies.

No lie.

He’s a disgusting creature.

0131 play-094


But then he asked me to read that sign to him, at which point I had to sing it (because who could just READ that without ending up singing it?!), and that’s when things got funky.

0131 play-097 0131 play-102 0131 play-104


It really is all you need.


And to keep myself accountable, here are my NYR for February:

In family stuff: ignore the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc. when we are together. That’s right. No texting, answering unimportant calls, Facebooking, Tweeting, or Instagramming. It’s time to look my family in the eye when they are talking to me – 100% presence.

In personal stuff: pick up a yoga class a week & a body pump class first thing in the morning (per my PT – I AM READY TO TEST THE WATERS, YAY!!!)

In work stuff: take a videography class; upgrade my camera; and introduce my next photography offering (coming soon – be ready!)

Let the radness continue…