almost to the half-way house.
growing out the bangs.

Half of a first year, that is. With the six-month milestone looming very near, Ewan is livin’ large. I can’t believe we’re this close to him having his “half birthday,” and to be honest, it makes me a little sad. It’s going by so quickly.

But oh my goodness is he fun! Ewan smiles all of the time and belly laughs almost every time he sees Hank (he’s sort of giving Hank a complex!). He has found a friend in the mirror who has a Mom and a Dad who look familiar, but he especially likes the baby there. Tummy time is getting frustrating since everything is just out of reach (mostly because he pushes them trying to get them) and he tends to look a bit high centered while doing the “superman”. He did roll from front to back on June 17th for the first time, and as always, he just smiled when he got there.

The only time Ewan gets truly upset is when he’s hungry or it’s bedtime. Naptimes are very easy, he usually smiles a “thank you” when I put him in his crib, but bedtime is a beast of a thing. I think we’re starting to figure it out, but it’s been a bit of a row over the last couple of weeks.

Ewan gets especially loud with his chatter when he’s ready for a nap and I haven’t yet put him to bed. And lately, he’s particularly grabby and VERY interested in food. He loves to touch and scratch everything: books, carpet, pillows, toys, skin, your nostrils, Holden’s ear, and one of his favorite things to pull on is Holden’s hair.

All in all, it’s been a great 5th month. We gave Ewan a jumperoo a couple of weeks ago and he’s enjoying the heck out of it. He’s trying to sit up out of his carseat and bouncy seat, so it’s all hands on deck and all eyes on the baby. To date, we’ve only had to rescue him mid-air between the couch and the floor twice. THAT was exciting, complete with a resounding, “YES!!” from Holden.

New loves this month:

  • watermelon
  • pizza crust (he finally grabbed it from me and LAUGHED as he tasted it!)
  • books
  • grabbing, especially the little hairs at the back of my neck and Holden’s inner ear – yowie!
  • intensely focusing on whatever he’s trying to play with or put in his mouth