Had another contemplative moment yesterday morning. And I’m just going to put this out there, even though it makes me nervous. Please don’t judge. I’m too vulnerable on this one. Well, if you do judge, just don’t tell me. Or talk about it behind my back.

Ok? Ok.

Because it was this.

Jesus looked at him and he loved him.

It was in response to a bunch of questions from someone. His response wasn’t what runs through my head when someone peppers me with questions. You know, like, “Will you please be quiet?” or “Are you even listening?” or “I think I’ll just go lock myself in the laundry room for a few minutes to get away from this constant blah, blah, blah.”

Wow. You can just tell that I made a great counselor those few years back now, can’t you? Again, please don’t judge.

Ok, so I don’t think those things every time, but sometimes, I really do.

I have to tell you, I was so inspired by his response. He just looked at him…and he loved him. I’ve been trying it today with Holden, and wouldn’t you know it, we’ve giggled more than usual. I’ve done it with Ewan, too, and while I’m not sure of everything he said, it was very funny to see him take the liberty to go on and on. And on.

I want my boys to grow up knowing that I’m listening and loving them. Because soon, I bet I see more of this.


Him, heading off to a neighbor’s for a sleepover.


He’s stretching and growing and spreading those wings more and more.

And this one won’t be far behind.


He already tries to be everything his older brother is.

In fact, they planned a camping trip together today.


Holden packed them up, made a map, got snacks and supplies, and even planned for the Ellie dog to tag along.


They were headed for Estes Park. He called me on his walkie talkie and said they were on their way, but stopping for mac and cheese, and would I like for him to pick anything up for me?



Although I think at this point Ewan needed to pull over for a nap.

So here’s what Hank said when I told him about “He looked at him and he loved him.”

Eh. You’ve got nine more days until your February resolution of “have more patience” kicks in, so why not just wait?


Way to coach me through, babe. This coming from the truly unsympathetic person pointing and laughing at the dead fish. Yep. Blue Daddy kicked the bucket about the same time I hit “publish” on his “welcome home” post yesterday.

Yippee and yeehaw.

Guess I’ll be traveling back over to the pet store. Sure hope that when I explain it all to Holden, he just looks at me and loves me.

So…if that happens you’ll see pigs flying over my house.