And I speak for the trees.

Last Friday was an out-of-school day for our 1st-grader, which of course meant that we had to plan something super fun for the first segment of Fun Family Friday.

We chose a movie. The Lorax, in fact.

20120302 0302 movie day 35

The boys began F-cubed with a favorite treat: riding in the “real back”. It’s always a little alarming when I pop open the back to find this.

Mary Pantier Photography  1824 of 1

Two ninjas throwing gang signs at me. I’m so out of my element.

They were outta there like a shot.

20120302 0302 movie day 2

20120302 0302 movie day 10

I had some “free passes” to AMC. The quotations marks there are intentional, since “free passes” means different things based on the type of movie you’re trying to see.

For instance, an IMAX 3D version of movies needs a little negotiating.

20120302 0302 movie day 11

Seems as though the “free passes” trade only knocks off a bazillion dollars, leaving $6 per ticket still owed.

20120302 0302 movie day 14

I don’t even know what that means exactly, but I forked over a $20 and called it even. Sorta.

I’m more confused now than then. Sheesh.

20120302 0302 movie day 16

The extra coinage has to be for the super fancy IMAX 3D glasses, which are, IMHO, muy bien better than the regular 3D glasses.

20120302 0302 movie day 18

20120302 0302 movie day 19

20120302 0302 movie day 25

Yep. Muy, muy better.

$947,562 later, we had popcorn and M&M’s and Gatorade and were good to go, which was also part of the F-cubed plan according to the smallest of the two, there. I won’t tell you that this was at 9:45 a.m.

Mary Pantier Photography  1825 of 1

I was still on my coffee IV.

20120302 0302 movie day 31

And that is all.

BTW, the movie was awesome. A must see, I would say, but I do get a little mesmerized with pretty, swirly colors.

And perhaps also Zac Efron.

It was also nice that the town was named, “Thneedville”, since Ewan hath a lithp and would have thaid it that way anyway.

So… that really is all.