Answered Prayers.

I haven’t felt answered prayers in a very long time. Most likely since I haven’t been a courageously praying gal and have been living in a little place called “fear”:

Don’t ask for stuff that could be stripped away from you.

But just a few weeks ago, I noticed our 6yo was saying things like, “Whew. I’m hungry,” or, “That milk looks yummy,” and in a moment of frustration, I said, “Ask for what you want. Please don’t walk around throwing vague comments down and expect others to run behind you and give things to you.”

After I ate my own words, I realized that I needed to get real clear about praying. What exactly could I be bold about and how could I reflect differently on needing help in the areas in which I struggle? I’ve fallen into a spot in which I’m not comfortable admitting I don’t have it all together, I need something that I don’t want to need, and I’m struggling with saying, “Yeah, me too,” instead of spouting off some fabulous advice that I don’t really follow myself.

I’ve started with some baby steps and so far, so good. I’m recognizing some prayers being answered and have been pretty floored by that, because you know what? I still find it hard to trust it. I’m working on that. I wish a lot that my faith could really lead me when I can’t see, but I can feel some stuff starting to crack open. It’s awesome and scary.

One of my answered prayers was a visit from my family this past weekend. It’s one thing to send pictures back and forth and to chat on the phone, but to stay with someone for a few days and be part of bedtime routines, sleepy mornings, quiet times between the go-go-go times, prepping/eating/cleaning up mealtime stuff, and ruthlessly funny game time? That’s family.

My mom, in her ever patient and teaching way, led our little man through the discovery of new iPad games.

20120109 0108 Park with Lily 161 2

20120109 0108 Park with Lily 156 2

A trip to the very-far-away shopping spot, which had a special store for my sis (she got a hug)…

20120107 0107 Park Meadows 17 copy

20120107 0107 Park Meadows 34 copy

And a nirvana-inducing store for me (I got to pick up and hold a $610 of rockin’ awesome red cowboy boots – oh mama. I put them back down. Got a pair of fingerless gloves instead for about $25; pffft.).

20120107 0107 Park Meadows 24

But what weekend would be complete without some much needed outside time? Since the mountains have gotten only a mere dusting of snow, we opted for the neighborhood park; a treat all the same, since that little one below broke out her fancy head wrap.

Mary Pantier Photography  1602 of 1

And then promptly shed it for some good hill rollin’ time.

20120108 0108 Park with Lily 69 copy

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And oh yes. Some bossing-around-the-youngest-cousin time.

20120108 0108 Park with Lily 36

Thankfully, she backed up before he came out swinging.

Our older one was being a sneaky sniper. With his super sneaky and quiet plastic bag that holds his caps, none-the-less.

20120108 0108 Park with Lily 6

20120108 0108 Park with Lily 7


20120108 0107 hanks camera 73 copy

Some more of my life’s work – answered prayers, they are.

20120108 0108 Park with Lily 25

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20120108 0108 Park with Lily 32

20120108 0108 Park with Lily 138 copy

Just simply happy to spend time here, with them.