The boys had a treat today. Yep. I put their sweaty booties in the car and took them to Little Monkey Bizness for a little playtime inside, out of the heat.

Ohmalord it was so much work.

This was Ewan’s first time back in there since he’s learned to walk. Oh, and open doors. And let’s not forget, how to slide down the really tall curvy slide.

The funniest thing? I actually took my computer in with me, thinking that I could take advantage of the Wi-Fi setup in the cafe area and get some blogging done. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

It stayed, stowed away and unplugged, in the bottom of the stroller basket. And I could barely keep up with those boys.

Here’s the only time that I consoled saw Holden. It was right after he flipped himself over somehow and landed on his neck (his report, as I was nowhere around to see it, being the good Mom that I am. Sheesh.)

And this is pretty much all that I saw of Ewan most of the time there.

Even his socks say, “Fast.” Oh look, there he goes again.

I finally caught him in the slide action. Sort of. He was too fast on the way down, so I all could get was the dismount.

But then. THEN he found the hula hoops, or “wooda woops” as Holden used to call them. And then he got all fancy with the moves.

I was seriously tired at this point. You can’t tell, since I have mad picture-composing skills, that there were a bazillion moms and kids there. And there was a lot of dodging and diving and ducking around all of the chaos. It was then that I had the brilliant idea of herding the boys into the craft room.

Another thing Ewan had never done? Painting. Oh boy. We started slow, with chalk and the chalkboard wall. I think that he thought that I was setting him up for some trouble since he’s allowed AND encouraged to write on the wall.

It didn’t take long, though. He dove in like he always does: right into the deep end.

Holden, who is never the one to be left behind, showed off by painting with both hands.

But that little Ewan kept sneaking in, trying to assist. I pried him away with the lure of crayons and construction paper.

Then, I realized that it had been two-and-a-half hours and my delicious skinny latte was still sitting in the cup holder of the stroller, begging to be drunk. Drank. Drinked. Whatever. I had treated myself and become too busy to drink my treat, for the love of Pete. That’s when I threw in the towel and scrubbed down painted arms and the creases of chubby wrists and fingers and promised grilled cheese sandwiches if we could just weasel outta there in under 10 minutes.

And we did.

And Ewan was asleep in his car seat even before I had the stroller loaded in the back.

Ah, to have a chauffeur…