Disclaimer: I’m slowly trying to rediscover my writing voice, which has been missing in the chaos of our life this summer, in an effort to move back into a yummy reflective state. Please excuse my choppiness as I trip around being more authentic and all word-smithy. :)


About a month ago, I was listening in church and felt inspired to write something down that I wanted to think about and remember. I searched my bag for pen and paper, but honestly! Who carries those anymore? My mom always had a treasure chest of a purse that was tidily organized with pads of paper, different colored pens, a couple of butterscotch candies if we were really lucky, and most of the time, Juicy Fruit gum. If we were really, really lucky, she’d have the striped fruity zebra gum, which would almost solicit a happy yelp during church and get my earlobes flicked.

Wow. I really get off topic, don’t I?

Anyway…I grabbed my iPhone instead, popped open the Notes app and typed in, “How I treat others is how my children will treat others,” but I started to misspell “children” and it was autocorrected to, “How I treat others is how my Holden will treat others,” which made it much more real and a punch in the gut. I’ve noticed that he gets drawn into more adult conversations lately, asking questions about people more deliberately, and observing how Hank and I both speak about and treat other people in our lives (including each other).

How I treat others is how my Holden will treat others.

He watches me with his Dad, his little brother, my sisters, and friends’ children. To be honest, sometimes I wish he didn’t.


But I also realize that I work at being a better of student of stuff when I feel like I have to teach it.

So here’s to being a better “treater of others”. A fair and discerning one, a conscientious one, a kind and compassionate one.

On to other things…c’est la vie, bebe.

Now that we’ve begun to settle into our new ‘hood, I see a new and deeper level of friendship between our two boys.

20120713 porch fun 5

They’re so relaxed here in this house. They set up new play spots with their heads together working on stuff.

20120713 porch fun 4

20120713 porch fun 6

20120713 porch fun 7

20120713 porch fun 8

Wow he looks super redheaded in that picture, doesn’t he?!

20120713 porch fun 9

20120713 porch fun 10

Love their stick-to-it-tiveness.

20120713 porch fun 11

Photobomber THTC.

20120713 porch fun 12

That one looking right at me…has gone back to taking naps.

20120713 porch fun 13

He hasn’t taken naps for 5 years. FIVE! But notice how there are no dark circles under his eyes? This makes me so incredibly happy. :)

20120713 porch fun 14

20120713 porch fun 15

20120713 porch fun 16

20120713 porch fun 17

Maybe it has something to do with how we’ve been all loving each other?

I hope.