My good friend, God bless her, called at just the right time today and rescued us all from cabin fever. And another reason for God to bless her? She let me practice my photography skilz (or severe lack of) on her daughter.

Um…newborn/baby photography is harder than it looks. Holy cow. Check out our “session” (term used so very loosely).

By this first shot, one would think, oh all I see is a happy baby, completely comfortable where she is, and this equals “such a sweet picture,” which would then lead you to believe that the photographer is awesome.

Ej spit bubbles

Oh sweet spit bubbles.

Ej final 2

The next few were pretty cute, but babies are a little wiggly and wobbly.

20110202 elizajane 11

They don’t look at the big black camera very much.

20110202 elizajane 12

And then when the photographer tries her hand at singing? Oy.

20110202 elizajane 14

Yeah. I get it. I forgot the bucket that carries my tune. So sorry, sweet baby E.

Then the momma swooped her into another outfit, and we squished her into a basket. This was awesomer. (Yes. Embrace the word, “awesomer.”)

It was an instant hit. (And oof. Sorry about that processing. A little blue!)

Ej eats squid

And then? Then she looked like she was eating squid. I see, now, why baby photographers use fuzzy blankets without the fringe. Duly noted.

Ej eats squid 3

Ej eats squid 2

But it made her happy, and we have some mighty fine evidence of some chunky monkey rolls.

Outfit change again, to really try to get some good chunky monkey pictures. She’s fast on the roll. In fact, her quick was quicker than my quick. Oy again.

Ej purple pants

What fashion photo shoot would be complete without a break, I beg you?

Not this one.

Ej takes a break

And after a little snooze in the arms of momma, we decided to give it another go. (She looks totally comfortable with me, doesn’t she? I thought the same thing. We are so on the same page!)

Another thing I’m learning about? Background options! Now I know why photogs have those handy…

Ej poses as charlie

I needed to see her baby rolls again. Although she now looks she should be co-starring in Gone With The Wind with her fancy headband.

Ej on tummy

Baby buddha. My babies were never this roly poly. When you pick her up, she feels like playdough. I just wanted to squish her and hold her, but I don’t think she was in to me to the same degree.

Ej as buddha

I tried singing again. I cannot for the life of me recall why I thought this was a good idea.

Ej as buddha 2

So what did I do next? I stood on the bed above her and bounced a little.

Ej does not like jumping

I’m so sorry, baby E. I don’t know what I was thinking. My babies loved it, but they’re boys and they’re still weird. Please don’t look at me like that forever.

I stopped and made amends. She threw signs at me.

Ej as crying buddha

We’re almost through, I swear, my little love muffin.

Ej lovebug

And finally…safe in the arms of the momma. No headband and back soon into comfy clothes.

Ej made it

The gem of the day? This one.

Ej final

Thanks, Beth, for letting me practice. I’m so glad she won’t remember a thing…