Backyard shenanigans.

We love our backyard. It matches our house. It’s small, an awkward shape, and a little bit shabby chic meets Anthropologie meets DIY. One of our neighbors put it best a few weeks ago when she said,

We think it’s awesome that our girls will grow up living in a small house.

I’ve thought a lot about that. While part of me kind of digs the idea of a huge house with huge rooms and fancy furniture and a huge backyard, another part of me gets a little freaked out about how that would change us. I like the idea of less is more. Because in the “less” parts, there are huge possibilities. We appreciate more. We put our simple little touches here and there, ones that aren’t designer or put together just perfectly; ones that are so totally us.

Case in point? We added a new coffee table of sorts to our seating area on the back deck.

20110828 backyard 7

It’s another pallet reuse, and it’s perfect.

20110828 backyard 8

It holds drinks, snacks, fire pots, summer feet, and can be a great spot to house a box of broken crayons and a Diego coloring book in the afternoons.

It’s also an awesome thing to sit by while stuff like this is happening.

20110828 backyard 12

20110828 backyard 13

20110828 backyard 14

But it also happens to be a sneaky spot for the Ellie Dawg to score a few licks of someone’s frozen yogurt.

20110828 backyard 9

20110828 backyard 10

You are so busted. And so goofy.

20110828 backyard 11

Oh good grief.

That escapade warranted a second go with a frozen yogurt, and this time both boys learned to be quick and wily.

20110828 backyard 19

20110828 backyard 6

Our neighbor was doing some learning of his own. How to use these…

20110828 backyard 1

In here…

20110828 backyard 4

In order to be this.

20110828 backyard 2

Yep. Hops + turkey-cooker-turned-beer-cooker = happy smirking neighbor guy.

Know who else is happy? Mustachio Man. Hank is growing out the fur to make some handlebars, and this time it’s not a bike reference.

20110828 backyard 3

He even ordered mustache wax. Came in today, and he’s been twirling the ‘stache and talking like a 1930’s banker. Omaword.

The fuzzy face does do a mean tickle, though.

20110829 backyard 18

That little one there can hardly stand a good ‘stache attack. It made him come up with this as a getaway plan.

20110829 backyard 17

It worked.

And as our August continues its heat wave as a big send-off into September, I leave you with this. The lone, thirsty zinnia on our back deck. Still happy, but as ready as we are for a little reprieve from the heat.

20110828 backyard 5

Until September, then.