Bat poop.

Ewan the Terrible was Ewan the Early Riser today. Generally an 8 a.m. pumpkin, he was calling out at 5:30. Oh that’s early for me. Three short years ago it was not, but now it is. Especially when I stayed up until 1:30 last night. Man. What was I thinking…

My little dimpled darling was in fine form today, flirting and romping and signing for breakfast like a mad man. Post breakfast was primping-for-my-day time, and while I noticed Ewan digging around in one of my bathroom drawers, I really paid no mind until I heard the dreaded…



This is what I found.

He looks like a mime. He tried to eat my mascara. Do you know what’s in mascara? Bat poop. At least that’s what someone told me. I still coat my eyelashes with it, which is somehow infinitely better than eating it, I’m sure. But more importantly, Ewan is going to ruin my record of raising boys and never having to have called the Poison Control Center. He wouldn’t even look at me when I captured him for the big clean up. Oh I just wanted to squeeze his head and hug him at the same time. This little rotten tomato is joy and firecrackers all rolled up into one. I love the snot out of him. I hope I live to meet his babies.

After I scrubbed him down, he was quite ready for his first nap of the day (he took three!). Time: 7:45. Awesome. A little coffee time and planning time, and then I heard Holden giggling from the stairs, trying to sneak up on me. After talking him in to getting dressed for the day, we fixed him up a big bowl of Leapin’ Lemurs (how fun does that sound!) and yogurt and headed outside to bask in the morning sun, courtesy of our deck chairs.

My cup o’ joe made the trip but didn’t last long.

And Holden’s muscles grew more gargantuan with every Leapin’ Lemur bite.

But then he pooped himself out and had to take a break.

We watched Oscar eat part of the fence he tore off yesterday,

And then roll around a little. Ok a lot. He’s a freak.

Even Holden thought so.

It was time to go to the rec center about then, so we said goodbye to toes warming up in the sun,

So long to the mysterious rainbow that showed up for a moment in our backyard,

And farewell for a time to the lovely fountain that needs more water. Woops. It’s still lovely, though. Well, Oscar’s been chewing on it, too, but after a little touch up it will be lovely. And after water.

On our way home from yoga, I noticed a tweet or two posted by Hank about the new trees in our neighborhood. I’m so proud of him. He’s our HOA president, and it has been his numero uno mission to find a way to put over 500 trees in the ground in our ‘hood. Two years and many town and neighborhood meetings later, they’re being planted starting today and for the next three weeks. We’re going to have tree-lined streets, which just puts us that much closer to Heaven on Earth.

After checking out the new life being breathed into our community, we went home, James. And Holden proceeded to have a tummyache. And a fever. And a nap. And a bigger fever. Which resulted in…no sleepover for the little man. And there was sorrow around here when that was realized. Big, rolling alligator tears from Holden and lots of pats on the head from Ewan, who was wondering why there was so much sadness.

We had to distract Ewan with homemade ice cream, courtesy of the sleepover friend’s mom, and then he tried Oscar’s tricks for more.

The ice cream gave Ewan the Funny gargantuan strength (must have had Leapin’ Lemurs in it) and he showed us his mad skills in lifting things.

Yet still, he won’t walk very much without lots of encouragement and coaxing. Little show off. Little toot. Little love monkey.

And then the toot’s Dad showed off his own mad skills and lifted Ewan into the air for a blurry pic, just to show you that he laughs. A lot. Like rolling up from the toes kind of belly laughs.

His eyes dance when he laughs.

Holden tells me that he sees my uvula a lot when I laugh.

I think dancing eyes are way cooler.

You know what else is way cooler than uvulas? Wrapping up some of Holden’s birthday presents and putting them on display just out of reach, and just to torture him, for the next five days.

I really love this part of my job.