Be a rebel.

This week: Being creative and a little rebellious, regardless of how much or how little space you have!

And, to throw in a little cliche, you teach that which you most need to learn. Yippity skippity. One of those “little space” areas for me is the outer hip and leg, specifically, the IT band. Yowza. I shy away from that spot because I feel soooo stuck and rigid and unmovable. And from conversations I’ve been having with others lately, I am not a club of one.

So let’s be rebellious. Get creative! IT bands, we will have a new relationship throughout the coming days.

If you’re new to yoga or new to CrossFit, or if you’d just like to come check it out and work on some mobility stuff, join us on Tuesday night at 7:30 at Conviction CrossFit. Class is $5.

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