Be awesome today. {yoga}

I. Am. Guilty.

Guilty of sporadic posts. Guilty of not tending the yoga portion of this site, myself, and my daily practices (both physical and philosophical, where yoga is concerned).

Guilty, guilty, guilty.

And the more I moved away from yoga, the less authentic I became about being in the present moment and sitting with what that means. Not that I need to be a vomiting confessional or anything, but the old adage of, “We teach what we most need to learn,” is really creeping back in at odd times lately, just begging for some reflection and action.

Tomorrow marks week five of teaching yoga again. I had felt the need to walk away from it for a while for a lot of reasons, most of which bubbled up from my anger at the place where I taught mostly, since I felt they treated our yoga program like an afterthought. So I sure showed them. I walked away from there, and in the process found myself turning away from yoga for a few months to catch my breath, realign, and refocus.

Struggle and change and trying to move into something new sucks. Sometimes. Like this time.

Boy, oh boy, has my practice shifted. Where before, everything in my life supported my practice, now my practice is serving everything else in my life, when you really get down to nuts and bolts of things. And isn’t that interesting? I’ve moved from a once fiery practice of power vinyasa into more a supportive one. One that teaches protection and surrender, joint mobility and recognition of our restrictions and strength, and how to distribute that more evenly.

This week, tomorrow morning at 11:00 in fact, there will be a great homage to the quadriceps. This week, our CrossFit WODs have been powerful and lifts have been heavy. There’s been squatting and running and loading and a lot of quickity-quick. So tomorrow, we’ll work on lifting greater, broader chests; balancing in backbending; and discovering the very lengthy quadriceps required to find mountain pose in any pose. The happy play of effort and ease.





They’re not the same. And that’s the exciting part.

Know what else is exciting? Yoga classes are only $5 at the CrossFit gym. And, super duper bonus? Your 5th class is free.

Yippity skippity.

Yours in being awesome!