Ugh. I’m so far behind on posting pics here that this will either be a.) an extremely and annoyingly loooooong post, or b.) the first in a series of long posts. Ha.

So, I shall start by saying that YAY!!! I finally put together our family calendar for 2011. It was hard picking which photos to place on each month. In the past, I’ve been scrambling to find them, but as I looked back through my archived files (yes, on a separate hard drive – that’s how many there are!), while January and February were a little sparse, from March on I could not believe how many pictures there were. Oh my goodness. Yet another project – go back and cull.

And I can’t believe how very much these boys have changed this year. Look at this photo from last January.


Can’t wait to put their yearly books together. (Yep, another huge project. I cyber-stalk a blogger who makes a point to do about 25 pages each quarter to stay on top of it all. Maybe this should be another resolution for February?)

On the subject of resolutions, be sure and check out the 365|Photo of the Day tab up there. I have to admit, not all of the pictures are of top quality, but this is forcing me to stay aware of what I’m shooting and not just snap pictures to keep my shooting finger busy. I’m anxious to see how this changes over the course of 2011; I’ll probably look back in December and be embarrassed of some of the processing and/or composition! But…c’est la vie. This is how I learn: just jump in, baby!

(Oh, and please be patient; I know the comments under the POD pictures aren’t working perfectly, and that you can’t go back to previous pages. My “web guy” is working on it. Well, he will, as soon as he can come up for air!)

Now. On to the first of a few posts. :)

My Goldfish has been doing homework. Homework! I can’t believe it. He sits down at the bar after school on Fridays, we go through his folder, and he busts it out while I start dinner.


But here’s where it gets good. All of a sudden, he pushed his chair back a little and whipped off his socks.


Seems as though he needed more parts to help him add and subtract.


Oh my goodness it was funny. But then he got stuck. It’s hard to keep track of all of those fingers and toes and penguins in boxes that ask you to add and subtract things.



But he did it.

Oh boy. I have to be really honest. I cannot imagine how creative and positive one must be to be a great teacher. I find myself just wanting to tell him the answers instead of helping him find a way to figure it out on his own.

But like I said, he did it. And it’s making more and more sense to him. I love that face of his when he gets it. Gosh, he just lights right up.

And that’s it for now. Just a little snippet into the very everyday, the very ordinary, the very awesome moment-to-moment stuff that is life.

Later gators.