behind the scenes.

I imagine that you’re just dying to know out there this very thing: how to prepare for a photoshoot to take photos of about 50 or so preschoolers.

While I can’t show you their photos, I can show you how my trusty assistant helped me scout today, complete with squatting down a lot so that I could check the height of things. What a trooper…as well as a goofball.0918 BMM 2013-001-Edit 0918 BMM 2013-002 0918 BMM 2013-003 0918 BMM 2013-004 0918 BMM 2013-005 0918 BMM 2013-006 0918 BMM 2013-007 0918 BMM 2013-008 0918 BMM 2013-009 0918 BMM 2013-010 0918 BMM 2013-011 0918 BMM 2013-012 0918 BMM 2013-013

All of his hard work paid off, and he did a mighty fine job. Just look at little bro’s school pic. Yay.

0918 BMM 2013-066