the best DIY linen spray

I am so moved by the scent of things. Memories, emotions, mood…it can all be changed for me by scent. This may help shed a little light on my obsession with aromatherapy over the years. ;)

It might also be no surprise that in changing our laundry detergent and fabric softener over to natural and botanic-based products, our clothes no longer smell downy fresh. One of my favorite moments is when I slip into bed at night and smell clean sheets. 

That wasn’t happening.

It wasn’t that there was stink. There was…nothing.

But I have a very yummy new thing to share with you. Linen spray. It’s like lying down in a field of soft, spring flowers – not overpowering, but just right and not too girly. 

What you’ll need:


How to mix:
Super simple. Fill your spray bottle mostly with regular tap water. Add your Young Living® essential oils as follows: five drops ylang ylang, 10 drops orange, and three drops neroli. Shake (always remember to shake to disperse the oils), then spray your sheets and your pillow before bed. Fall asleep with a peaceful grin.

TIP: Sometimes, the water spray will leave your sheets and pillow feeling wet. If this bothers you, use a cheap vodka instead of water. The vodka will evaporate and leave only the scent of the essential oils.

ANOTHER TIP: Both ylang ylang and neroli are strong scents. There’s truly no need to go heavy on your drops. Less is more in this case. Your spray should last a couple weeks at room temperature nicely, or you may refrigerate to extend its shelf life.