I finally have a friend in these parts who’s at least 40. Jeez that took long enough. :)

This past weekend was a celebrate-it-up kind of weekend. The Goldfish had a classmate party, then straight from that we went to our good friend and neighbor’s 40th Birthday Bash. And you know what advice I had for him? Well, in the words of my old college acquaintance, Mike Gundy:

You’re a Man! You’re 40!


Oh man, that guy’s never gonna live that one down.

And oh man again, I don’t know if Andy’s gonna live this picture down.



The bigger-little boys were entertained by, what else? Wii.

Wii sometimes just saves the day.


Boys and girls, might I add.


Except for this renegade. The Terror, who can fully pronounce this little man’s name correctly, calls him “Stinky” just for spite, I swear.


Their relationship is complicated. You know, bigger kid-smaller kid kind of complicated. I’m sure they’ll figure it out. Can’t wait for our in-between-our-houses-neighbors to have their baby so the Terror will have someone to have a complicated relationship with/on all his own.



Just kidding, Jody. And Drew. Drody and Jew. Drodi. Ah heck. You know who you are. :)

Those who do not yet play Wii, play cars. Just as cool, and a little less bouncy and spastic.


Oh yes. They also eat cake.


I would have many more pictures of the G’fish, but they would have looked like the one I posted already, over and over.


There. See?

And in the words of the Terror, “She’s ma fren.” My friend, that is, serving up a monster of a cake.


Look at just how fit and trim girlfriend is. CrossFit, baby. It works you over, it makes you over. It just plain works. Looking hotalicious.

By the way, I had two, yes count them, dos, pieces of cake.

And then a bellyache.

Worth it.


Happy Birthday, Andy. Congratulations. You are now a man.