Blessed. {family session}

There are a few very precious people having a foothold in my life, my heart, really. One in particular, is my friend, De. We met while carpooling to Denver for an Astanga workshop with Tim Miller a little over 10 years ago, but it’s only been since my last pregnancy that I’ve come to know her as I do now.

She is my yoga teacher.

And she has blessed our community in ways that I can’t even attempt to list completely. A few years ago, during her pregnancy with her daughter, she noticed a void in prenatal and postnatal support in Boulder and began a shift in the community that is nothing short of awesome. She has a heart for women’s whole-health and offers classes and workshops to women of all ages, all stages of life. Now, she and her husband, Stephen, have partnered together to open Purnam Wellness, an office/studio offering personalized yoga and massage therapies in Boulder.

When we discussed their family shoot, De thought of the most perfect location: the preschool that their daughter attends that is settled into gardens and playful areas and trees that allow the sun to peek through like magic. You’d never guess that this little school is in the middle of everything. I felt like I had opened the gate into a secret garden…


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Their daughter is named after the heart chakra.


And their story of conceiving her is so profoundly moving, from making a pilgrimage to India and hoping for her, to De becoming pregnant, and then their daughter’s early arrival. They have been blessed to the core.

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She is a spunky little sprite.


Look closely, De. This is how you look when you see your daughter.

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And her, when she feels your touch.

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Melt me.

But remember the spunky sprite part? Here’s a peek at that.

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I’m thinking that Mom and Dad got a little schooled on hula hooping.


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And my favorite: a family at play.

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Heaven help me, but that’s awesome.


Stephen & De |  Together eight years; married seven

Daughter A |  Four

Fun Fact |  Stephen proposed to De when they were both feeling puny and lying around in pj’s and piles of kleenex, which was much more romantic than the Valentine’s Day shindig he had had planned already.

That totally rocks.