Blurry and flying.

It has been gloriously, crazily, maddeningly, thankfully busy this fall season. Lots and lots of photography sessions; lots and lots of shooting in beautiful golden sunlight; lots and lots of time in front of the computer. 

I miss my daily reflection time, pouring over the boys’ lives through their own pictures. 

My time with them has mainly consisted of sitting really close by so that I can count their freckles (too many to count, now), and marvel at their long lashes. I haven’t wanted to spend much time with a camera between us since it’s hard to count and marvel in real time through a lens. 

But today, in true Pantier fashion, I heard the call. Hank had taken a few minutes away from his own work to come downstairs and attack Ewan.

By the time I grabbed my usually ready camera, there was no time to focus on anything but those peals of giggles coming from the front room.

0927 ewan flies 012 Edit

I don’t even care that these are blurry. This is THE GOOD STUFF, focused on… you got it… THE GOOD STUFF.

0927 ewan flies 009 Edit

That’s pee-your-pants funny.

0927 ewan flies 013 Edit

Oh my heart.

0927 ewan flies 033 Edit

And oh, to be three and less than 40 pounds, and to have a Daddy who will come downstairs and launch you through the air, just because. To pay no mind to the “nice furniture” and “rules about jumping on the couch” and be able to say, “JUST ONE MORE TIME!!” and it really work. A lot.

Gosh I love this family.