Bocce ball. And the christening of our new yard.

There have so been so many moments during the last three months when I felt like I was going under. The smarter part of me would quickly snap her fingers as if to say, “Don’t be ridiculous; you’re feeling stressed because you’re moving into a better spot in life?! A place that fits your family better?” And the sympathizer in me would deck her, hug me sweetly, and say, “It’ll be over soon.”

Yep. I’ve officially turned into that United States of Tara chick.

No one went under. We had quite the stressful run there, but we have arrived Pantier style: loud, proud, and ready to rock it out in our new ‘hood.

20120610 bocce ball 2

20120610 bocce ball 3

Our friends decided that it was high time (after all, we have been in the new digs for 12 whole days now) to christen the new space family style, so we had a Dessert and Drinks evening together complete with new home tours, scantily clad children (somehow, there is now a code that upon entry into a house, boys’ shirts spontaneously are shed and sometimes even their pants. But the latter is only if you’re a new 3yo and the preacher’s kid. Sorry. Pastor’s kid), and peals and peals of laughter and “I don’t wanna go home’s.” There was even a chanting chorus of “Sleep-o-ver” involving about six kids mob-style, designating the trampoline as their new camping spot.

20120610 bocce ball 8

It does come with it’s own mosquito net, after all.

20120610 bocce ball 9

Kids, meet bocce ball.

20120610 bocce ball 7

20120610 bocce ball 11

Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.

::Robert Brault::

20120610 bocce ball 15 copy

20120610 bocce ball 4

20120610 bocce ball 6

Not sure why, but Batman slippers are the hiking boots of choice these days.

20120610 bocce ball 19

Maybe because they match the madras plaid shorts so well.

20120610 bocce ball 18

They also fit well…

20120610 bocce ball 24

Wouldn’t you say that our new yard is filling in quite nicely? It’s on our list of things to do…

20120610 bocce ball 23

But for now, it really is quite dreamy with its myriad dirt clods and other new construction finds.

20120610 bocce ball 17

20120610 bocce ball 16

I think they preferred it to the more manicured style to which we’ve become so accustomed.

20120610 bocce ball 10 copy

I’m never sure why, but I always manage to catch him adjusting his underpants when they go rogue, although he IS doing a better job these days of playing it off a bit.

20120610 bocce ball 12

Caught ya. :)

20120610 bocce ball 21

20120610 bocce ball 22

Around this point, wouldn’t you know it, my card was full.

And also wouldn’t you know it, I have no idea where my other cards are yet.

I should go unpack some more.

20120610 bocce ball 1