Boundless. {children session}

Prepare yourselves.

You might just fall head over heels.

These little girls are boundless. Boundless bundles of energy and joy and spunk and sass. They are, in fact, a dynamic duo.Pic 1

There was something resembling chicken dancing, a whole lot of sassy walking, intermittent leaf throwing, and a little bit of sister smooching. I almost had to stop for snacks myself, just to keep my energy up to chase them.

They had mercy on me and sat down for a minute.

W Family November 2010 11

It was one of the most beautiful minutes ever. We snuck up to this door as a team, quiet as mice, not knowing if anyone was on the other side. They were awesome cohorts in my porch sitting caper.

And then the older one lounged in the leaves for about ninety seconds.


I could swim around in the dark pools of her eyes for a while, couldn’t you?

I’m not sure why I’m always surprised that little girls are so very similar to little boys in how they play. Sure, there’s less sword fighting, but there’s just as much of this.


They knew there was a special treat in store (mostly because they went in with me to the hot cocoa store a few minutes before… but I really mustn’t give too many trade secrets away…), so they settled in for a quick warm-up of some marshmallows and hot chocolate.


I wish I could express how very much I just love the picture above, bottom left. They look so prim and proper, like they’ve just sat down to tea. As soon as they had licked their cups clean, however, they busted out a song or two. I have no idea what they were singing, but they knew every word and every move and I wanted to steal them away for my very own.

I just love them. Sass and all.