Holden has been missing his playdates. While he LOVES school, his sense of accomplishment is jockeying for position with his sense of abandon. So while there are still long and warm afternoons coupled with fountains of water spraying up from the ground next to jungle gyms, we are carving out those last slices of summer after school.

holden at the park.jpg


Sometimes, a smoothie mustache gives those boys a little kick in the pants to step it up a notch on the fun-o-meter.




And then sometimes a swinging contest with a buddy brings out a little competitiveness. Or a staring contest. Or the simple knowledge that one day, the playing field will be more level and the real fun will begin.


logan and ewan swing.jpg



What about that sense of abandon? It’s still there. After a smoothie and a couple of passes through the splash park, it showed itself in the form of dancing. Dancing on your hands is super cool. After Ewan really gets the dancing on his feet down, I’m quite sure he’ll try this version, too. But until then…Holden will continue to school us all.


holden breakdancing at the park.jpg