On Thursday evenings, my husband and another husband, Mr. Irwin, meet at our house to be 1950’s housewives.

I’m so not kidding.

They make apple butter and plum preserves, discuss the Joy of Cooking and Fannie Farmer, taste-test biscuits and foraged mushrooms (not together – ew), and test new and jaunty whiskey sour drinks from magazines like Garden and Gun.

What they sow, we reap.

For Christmas, Mr. Pantier received two new and precious things: a breadmaking book and a large, square cooking stone. And to continue in the tradition of Thursday Night Housewives (but on a Saturday), he began a serious study in the art of artisan breadmaking.

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That book is like a science textbook. I would fail in both aptitude and patience, I swear. But him? Thriving.

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Check out his Instagramming.


Lord have mercy.

I love that man.

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