bring on some awkward.

Every time I think it’s gonna happen, meh.

Don’t you remember middle school? The pinnacle of gawkiness? The heyday of acne? The epitome of stink?

What is wrong with my children?

0816 1st day -002

They’re showering before school, UNPROMPTED.


They’re tremendously goofy, well this one at least, but there’s no gawkiness. What the heck?! There’s athletic ability and endurance and all arms and legs seem to be proportioned correctly.


What’s the point of trying to preserve forever-footage of terrible-awful-middle-school-times when there’s not even a sign of blemish on his face?

0816 1st day -005

I’m pretty sure I started middle school with a bad haircut, no deodorant, some terrible blackheads, and a pretty gnarly-but-healing wind/sunburn on my bottom lip. Still have that scar, thank you much.

I feel a little gypped. (Is that how you spell that? Either yes, or I’ve massively confused my spell check since there’s no tell-tale red squiggly line.)


Then there’s the younger one. He flat out told his big brother to stop messing around, he wanted nice back-to-school photos this year.

0816 1st day -028-Edit

(Not kidding on the “stop messing around” part. He even cup-checked him. I live in a frat house.)

0816 1st day -021

They are actually being raised by wolves.


0816 1st day -034-Edit


Maybe next year will bring some good “awkward.” It HAS to happen sometime, right?

0816 1st day -009-Edit