Holden feels everything 100%. He is all in, all of the time. And Holden LOVES Ewan.

There are usually at least a dozen tackles per day that end up with a squawking Ewan, squirming to get out from underneath Holden’s embrace. Holden hugs a little too tightly sometimes, a little too long at other times, and usually follows it up with a too hard pat on Ewan’s head.

We’re working on it.

And it tugs at me so when Holden says, “I just want to hug Ewan and he won’t let me!” and “He’s breaking my heart!”

Ewan loves Holden back desperately, but doesn’t always care for the smother technique.

But today, all was well. There was a lotta love in this house. Lotta love.

It even ended with Ewan chasing Holden to give him a kiss. Sometimes love hurts around here, and sometimes it works. Yay for a working day.

And on a completely different note, I talked Holden into letting me practice trying to get a catch light in his eyes in pictures.

Attempt 1. Before I asked.

Attempt 2. After I asked. So cool.

Attempt 3. Ok. This one’s just funny.

Attempt 4. Thank you Holden, love. My fault on the out of focus part.

And yes, that’s a little disgusting wart under his nose. You’ve probably noticed in his other pictures. We’ve been battling it as a team and with his pediatrician for the past two years and we win some, we lose some. The vile thing keeps returning. Today, we go to the big dog: the dermatologist. He’s nervous, so please wish him luck and big boy strongness in case they do something painful. And be prepared, because you might notice it more over the next few days as she tries to get rid of it. If it was somewhere other than his face, I wouldn’t really care that much, but we all know how brutal kids’ teasing can be, and with Kindergarten coming up next month, it’s time to pull in reinforcements.

We hope it falls off and we can bury it in the yard. Hopefully, ceremony pics are to come. (Eeeeeewwwwww.) Until then, see you on the flip side.