We’re going on day three of cabin fever. The first two, because of what was outside, but today, because of what was inside. The Fish is feverish. Time stops when he has a fever. He feels everything in his tummy, so we have to be very careful of things like giving him chewable fever reducer tablets instead of liquid (the latter will make him sick, every time). Too much laying down makes the headaches come on strong, but being upright too long hurts his tummy. And now with the added bonus of the Terror running by and hitting him on the head with his Nintendo DS (ok, that’s kind of funny, but only now since they’re both in bed and I don’t have to referee it anymore today), the Goldfish had a bit of a row on this chilly Thursday.

Which means we were all a little punchy. And in our jammies all day. The Terror had to stand in the corner five times today. I did my Mean Momma voice at him, and he smiled his best for-mommy smile and bubbled out, “Sah-ee Mommeeeeee. Sah-ee Semmeeeee.” (Somehow, “Holden” translates to “Semee” in Terror-ese.) And then he would bound away and bop his brother on the headachey head again.

But we ended the day so happily. There were bubbles in the tub for the Terror. And he’s really into washing his junk with all of those bubbles. And you know I’m pulling these pictures out later on in his precious life. Yep. I will wield them like the mighty swords they are.

20110203 bathtime 1

20110203 bathtime 2

20110203 bathtime 4

20110203 bathtime 3

I figured out how to do a little black square in Photoshop, so you don’t have to close your eyes if you’re sensitive. Ha. I tried to blur it out as much as possible with my insane photog skills, but Hank thought that the internet police would get me if there was an even a hint of inappropriate.

20110203 bathtime 6

20110203 bathtime 9

20110203 bathtime 10

I thought it best to step into our room real quick and check on the Fish, who was wiggling around on our bed. Poor baby.

20110203 bathtime 11

20110203 bathtime 17

20110203 bathtime 18

And then he said, “Mom, I promised you I would be your photo-of-the-day today, so I’ll look at you.”


20110203 bathtime 19

What a sweetheart. I had already taken one, since I knew he felt so puny, so we looked at that together on the camera screen until I heard lots of splashing and laughing from the tub. I ran in to hear, “Mommeee! Theeeeee! Yuck a’ meeee!” (Look at me!)

And then I saw this.

20110203 bathtime 25

20110203 bathtime 26

And then he stopped as quickly as he had started and wanted me to take a picture of his foot, and then demanded to see it right away.

20110203 bathtime 23

After I wrestled him out of the tub and bribed him with lotion, we heard the front door open and knew Daddy was home with the extra special make-your-throat-feel-better treat:

Ice Cream!!!

It really does put a bright shiny spot on a crap day.

20110203 bathtime 3 2

The Terror kept spilling, but he was very diligent about cleaning up his mess.

20110203 bathtime 10 2

And then he tried to follow me up onto the counter, which was my perch for picture taking.

20110203 bathtime 4 2

I see a future problem with this. What was I thinking?!

It was a cool vantage spot, though.

20110203 bathtime 5

I was almost ten feet tall.

But I came down. Oh, why did you ask? To save our house from burning down, since the Terror kept throwing his messy towels up on the counter and too near the stovetop.

20110203 bathtime 9 2

I am not kidding when I tell you that he keeps me on my toes.

But, I kind of like being on my toes. I love them both so much I could just squeeze the snot out of them. And sometimes pinch their heads off.

20110203 bathtime 7

20110203 bathtime 8

I think he dragged his little cup of ice cream around the entire kitchen.

20110203 bathtime 15

Even the cat started following him around, but then ran away when he nearly lost eight of his lives for stealing a little nubbin of cookie dough that flew out of that cup.

20110203 bathtime 16

And surprisingly, an additional bath was not needed. The floor was a different story, but the kids were mostly clean and not sticky. Just a good teeth brushing and they bounced off to bed with those little round bellies and their favorite fuzzball blankets.

I was hoping for more pictures of the G’fish yesterday and today, since I don’t seem to get many with him being an all-dayer at school. But he was in no mood, and I can’t blame him. Sometimes that camera of mine feels intrusive when you’re not feeling well.

But he was loved up pretty well today by everybody, dog and cat included, and we’re hoping for a better day tomorrow. Hoping the ice cream was the best fixer-upper of all.