Calling this home.

Remember that rhythm of life thing I mentioned before?

I’m finding it. :)

I was super inspired when a friend of mine helped me pick out delicious fabric to redress some pillows last week, and boy did she start the ball rolling. It’s time that our new house became a real home, which of course it is, but I’m actually talking about the place where memories are made. One that’s spilling over with laughter and love and lots and lots of pajama days. Mornings filled with buttery Irish Oatmeal, punctuated by spontaneous dancing to our favorite Christmas songs that we’ve decided to blast throughout the house just because there’s snow on the ground today. Time to put our stamp on this baby.

This week I did a much better job of quitting – just walking away from the editing and computering promptly at 3:30 and not returning until the next morning. It felt so good. There was 2nd-grade homework spread across tables and after school snacks and cooking delicious dinners and oh does my cup overflow.

My middle squeeze and I had a fantastic breakfast date midweek.

Later that day he treated us to some Australian bush dancing.

Oh boy.

As the snow began to fall yesterday, I decided it was time to spruce up our kitchen with yummy smells, like cocoa and nutmeg and vanilla, with just a pinch of cayenne pepper to make it spicy.

And then we filled the kitchen with yummy boys.

I notice a theme here with hot chocolate. :) It was my favorite treat that my mom used to make from scratch when the weather turned chilly, aside from her biscuits and gravy. That’ll turn your house to homey in two seconds flat.

Hank filled our pantry with local shares of canned goodies yesterday. Where I had been feeling a little like my community had shrunk a bit since our move, I feel it breathing and expanding with each little shift we’re making, each little invite we extend and accept.

We shared snacks like paper thin crackers smeared with goat cheese and sliced pickled beets, and chased them dried pears and pickled green beans and a new beer find from Salt Lake City, Epic.

Not. Too. Shabby.

Even Ellie sneaked a snack, though I have no idea what it was… She’s a fast one.

But she wasn’t faster than this crazy cat…

Who made a point of stealing his own fancy snacks…

Ellie’s food.

Seems as though everyone’s feeling more comfortable around here.

Must have been the nutmeg and vanilla I sprinkled on Ellie’s food.

Just kidding. :)