Can I help?

I love that phrase. Love. There’s rarely ever a time when it’s unnecessary or unwelcome, and this girl shot two thumbs up and toward herself (weird to take about myself as herself, but let’s just go there, shall we?) when the 6yo inquired.

We made crepes. (Please imagine that word with the snappy little hat over the first “e”, since I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make it happen on this blog. Meh.)

And by “we” I mean “mostly he” made crepes. :) Yeehaw.

20120210 0210 Making Crepes 3

Btw, he’s not really 12yo and tall. He’s short and standing on a stool.

I put him right to work, cracking eggs. He’s never really cracked them before.

20120210 0210 Making Crepes 6

He was a pro.

20120210 0210 Making Crepes 8

From now on and until forever, he’s going to be cracking all of our eggs. He even checked for rogue shells before sliding those babies in the blender.

20120210 0210 Making Crepes 12

AND he cleans as he goes. To the lucky young woman who wins him in the future, you’re welcome. And also? I’ll always be watching. (Ok. I sort of just scared myself thinking about ever being a MIL. Ugh.)

20120210 0210 Making Crepes 20

Time to blend until smooth…

20120210 0210 Making Crepes 15

Yes baby, that blender is alarmingly loud.

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Oh he nearly made me pee my pants with that look.

Per the instructions, he let the batter set for 30 minutes,

20120210 0210 Making Crepes 21

Then took to slicing strawberries.

20120210 0210 Making Crepes 22

From now on until forever, he’ll be slicing all of the strawberries that come into our house.

Little brother took the opportunity to help with just one more ingredient by sneaking into the special pantry stash.

20120210 0210 Making Crepes 28

And then I caught him redhanded with hand-in-the-cookie-jar I mean licking-the-nutella-shamelessly.

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After making crepes for about 84 1/2 hours, one by tedious one, Holden helped plate them.

Final crepes

And then we had triple double helpings and went to bed fat and happy.


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