Cards. BBQ. Bats. And HP as, well, HP.

We are slowing down. I just wanted to write that down to really let it seep in and simmer a bit. It’s conscious and an effort and it’s taking quite a bit of teamwork (and homework, by the way; am picking my way through the book, “Organized Simplicity“). It seems to be a decision made several times throughout the week, sometimes multiple times a day, and sometimes while saying “yes” to one thing and “no” to something else.

But by saying “no” to one thing this weekend, we had the opportunity to spend the evening with friends, celebrating both their 10-year wedding anniversary and the Cardinal’s win in the last game of the World Series.

20111028 TOT Weekend 1

20111028 TOT Weekend 2

20111028 TOT Weekend 7

A couple of worried looks during the game, but quickly forgotten by the end of the evening.

20111028 TOT Weekend 6

20111028 TOT Weekend 4

One of my favorite pictures ever of my friend Beth, or as we tend to refer to her, Too Tall Jones.

20111028 TOT Weekend 3

Girlfriend has to get the stool AND open both fridge doors to get to the top shelf. Omaword that’s funny. Even their baby thought so, barely keeping her smirk to herself.

20111028 TOT Weekend 5

We haven’t spent an evening like that with friends in a while and man, was it good. Just hangin’ low, good BBQ at the ready, babies falling asleep on laps, and watching the older kids sneak up on the table to blow out candles and then run away did my heart good.

The next day, after a drowsy morning spent in pj’s due to The ‘Fish’s football games being cancelled (snow on the ground, still), we finally roused ourselves into action for our town’s Trunk-or-Treat down at the rec center. It did not disappoint. Especially when we were accompanied by a bat (he refused to call himself “Batman”),

20111029 TOT Weekend 8

And Harry Potter, Quidditch style, sans broom (that would’ve slowed him down on the candy part, he said).

20111029 TOT Weekend 27

Bonus? He saw his best buddy, first thing.

20111029 TOT Weekend 9

And I got to see the ever returning poopsmile again. Just love that smile.

They fell into the swing of how this candy thing works straightaway.

20111029 TOT Weekend 10

20111029 TOT Weekend 12

20111029 TOT Weekend 14

Although this one kept taking flying breaks.

20111029 TOT Weekend 11

Doesn’t help his stride that the costume is about three years too big, although it did make him look more “wingy”.

20111029 TOT Weekend 13



The boys really teamed up and got down to business.

20111029 TOT Weekend 21

20111029 TOT Weekend 24

20111029 TOT Weekend 25

We saw some friends there. Or rather, they saw us and we didn’t run away before they had the chance to tell us who they were…

20111029 TOT Weekend 17

20111029 TOT Weekend 19

20111029 TOT Weekend 22


(They still weren’t as disturbing as the family who dressed up as clowns. Now that’s scary.)

The small fry looks like a sea creature in that costume. Excuse me. Coth-tume.

20111029 TOT Weekend 23

And my beautiful boy offered a beautiful find. I think that fall is my very favorite season, period.

20111029 TOT Weekend 18

Even if it was killed too early this year by that weird snow storm, which brought the promise of his very season…winter.

20111029 TOT Weekend 26

Hope you’re enjoying your own fall, your own slowing down, your own settling in.

We are.

20111029 TOT Weekend 20