Cartoon things and something chocolatey.

One of my favorite Scentsy smells is called “sugar cookie”.

It’s more of a fall scent, but with the days all of a sudden more mild and tumbling into a little crispness in the evenings and early mornings, it seemed appropriate to scoop out the old summertime-smelling wax from the warmer and replace it with some sugar cookie goodness.


Holden did that cartoon thing where you float down the stairs like you have Redbull wings and your nose gets real big as you follow the scent straight toward to the source. And this was even after he had been tucked tightly into bed with all of the bedtime hugs and kisses and the chosen bedtime music on the ol’ iPod in his room.

After clipping said wings and bursting his hope-filled bubble that night, we decided on a cookie baking session the following day. And upon searching through our pantry arsenal, we decided on a no-bake version. Remember these kinds of cookies?


Our palates have changed a little, so we split the required sugar measurement in half, and I have to say – they were still uber sweet!

But they were a fun treat, nonetheless.


The best part?

All of those heart-shaped post it notes that decorate our fridge make him look the cartoon things who’ve fallen in love and have hearts circling their head. 

20120814 0814 making cookies 8

Ah, cookie love. :)