It seems like every day I get these fabulous catalogs in the mail. Athleta. Pottery Barn. Patagonia. Garnet Hill. Sundance. Crate and Barrel. Williams-Sonoma. I go through them, page by page, item by item, dog-earing pages and circling items desired and placing stars by sizes and colors and writing in quantities needed.

And then I throw the catalogs into the recycling.

Odd? Maybe. Therapeutic? Definitely. Budget-wise? Absolutely. I save tons of money shopping this way.

This week, though, after poring over my Williams-Sonoma catalog and then pitching it, I visited a friend with a new baby. About halfway through our visit (AND my opportunity to love up a four-week-old baby girl), my friend went to her kitchen and came back with two cupcake, well “cakelet” pans, and tossed them to me.


She would never use them, she said. They were a gift, she said. She tried to return them, but it didn’t work out, she said.

And then what did I say? YIPPEE! WOO HOO! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Yep, they were the same ones I had dog-eared and circled and starred in that WS catalog. Maybe she dumpster dived into my recycling bin???? Nah.

So Holden and I made bugs. Fifteen of them. Dragonflies, bumble bees, lady bugs, and butterflies.

After he decorated four, one for each of us, we froze the rest.

Then we ate bugs.

And when Ewan got up from his nap, he was happy…

until he spied us eating the goods. Ugh. He used those big ol’ doe eyes on us.

So we shared.

Can you guess what bugs these are?

P.S. Please excuse the blurry pics. I’m trying like heck to figure out my camera and apply what I learned last weekend in order to take better manual photos. They’ll get better – please be patient!