Christmas in the Village.

It seemed like the wait for this Christmas took forever, and for the first time we all were very ready to decorate for the Christmas season on Thanksgiving day. Every day since, whenever a new present would appear like magic under the tree, the boys were relentless in asking if they could open “just one”.

It was our first Christmas in this house.

And as per our own little tradition, just a day or so before Christmas we made hot cocoa, bundled up in the car, switched the radio to an AM station with oldies Christmas carols (how they should be heard – all crackly and mono – PERFECTION), and drove around to look at the lights.

Also per our own little tradition, on Christmas Eve, they boys got new pj’s.

Not much lights up his world like new jammies. Truly. Fridays are pj-wearing days around here, so it’s like a whole new extension to a wardrobe.

The Ellie Dawg…always the nervous Nancy.

I perhaps misjudged the length here, but they’ll fit within three months, tops. These boys have hollow legs.

Ooof. Really misjudged.

That’s probably how I looked, too.

After not a lot of cajoling, the boys scampered off to bed in order to hurry off to sleep in anticipation of Santa, whom they had been tracking all day thanks to NORAD.

And then we had this…our first Village Christmas.

Very well done.

Happy Christmas, and Merry Holidays. ;)