Bless me family, for I have lagged. It’s been 14 days since my last post.


It’s quiet here, but not for long. Seriously. The wee ones are stirring and sneezing and singing as my fingers fly across the keyboard and our daily mayhem is about to ensue. But first, let me tell you that I had a blissful 15 minutes of total, complete, beautiful, awe-inspiring quiet this morning. FIFTEEN MINUTES. Hank left early to go skiing, and I hopped out of bed when I heard Mr. Belvedere, our coffee pot, start the coffee grind portion of his program. And with coffee in hand, I reached the top of our stairs and I nearly dropped that precious liquid straight to the carpet.

The. Sunrise. Was. Spectacular.

It was like air that you could reach out and touch, this huge swath of pure gold slapped down from the thickest paintbrush right underneath the Rocky Mountains, while they stood back, all majestic and deep blue, silhouetted by dark snowy and stormy clouds.


And all I could do was just stand there and watch that gold creep wider, kiss the tops of the house peaks, and then fade to brown and settle into less drama on this very chilly morning.

I should just go scoop up the boys and crawl back into bed, because it’s not gonna get any better than that today.

But, there are turkeys brining, laundry to be folded, and house that needs scrubbing, and photos that need editing, so no back to bed for anyone around here.

Which brings me to my absence here. My new photography website is under development and I’ve been booked like crazy lately. I LOVE WHAT I’M DOING. If i start gushing on about it, I won’t be able to stop, so I’ll just say this. To capture a piece of someone’s spirit forever on camera is on par with that sunrise. To see the world in a whole new way, from macro to micro, from zoomed in to wide angled, brings me to my knees. To notice colors that I’ve been missing, to study shapes of things that I’ve walked by without noticing, to use senses in myriad ways…I LOVE THIS EXPERIENCE. It’s challenging and scary. Really challenging and really scary. But super uber cool.

So, because of all that, when I haven’t been with the boys or shooting, I’ve been editing. But a couple of days ago, I was attacked by a lion.

Ewan the Lion 1.jpg

He was ferocious, truly.

ewan 1.jpg

He almost let me have it with that pink pen. But then he escaped, and after a long hunt through the jungle of Legos and cars and trucks and then down some stairs I crept to find…

ewan 2.jpg

The lion assisting the web guy in the basement office.

ewan 3.jpg

He bounded off again, in search of prey.

Ewan the Lion 2.jpg

Or shoes, as it were.

ewan 4.jpg

I don’t know why they seem to feel better on the wrong feet. But then again, I’ve never seen a lion wear Keens, either.

ewan pjs.jpg

And I’ve definitely never seen a lion wear candy cane strippedy stripedy pj’s.

But then, what can I expect when this guy is King of the Jungle around here…


p.s. I know I went on and on about photography and editing and amazing pictures…well, all of these pics are straight out of the camera. They’re just our daily snapshots, our works of art  in the everyday of life as we live it. You get the blurry, the underexposed, the unsharpened. In the words of Holden, “you get what get and you don’t throw a fit.” Ha.