Could I have something a little more…Floridian?

As in most relationships, Hank and I do a lot of negotiating and compromising and supporting. You know, give a little, take a little. When we met, we both lived in Oklahoma, but Hank and his buddies took trips to Colorado about once every six weeks or so. We were in college, and they saved their summer money and tips throughout the year to pool together for gear and camping equipment and bikes and ice axes – you name it – and off on their adventures they’d go.

On one trip to Crested Butte in particular, I watched as Hank said farewell to his mountains and he could barely keep it together. This place really tugged at him. Hard. After we married, I suggested that we move to Colorado. While Hank’s heart lay here, mine was forever at the ocean, and our compromise was to live here and vacation at various beaches here and there. 

This trip took us to the Florida Keys. 

We didn’t know that they aren’t really known for their beaches. 

But you know what? They are known for Key Lime Pie, which might be my new negotiating point for vacations.

And we did find this beach. We very nearly had it to ourselves for a good part of the day.

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The water was crazy. Warm and shallow for about 1/4 mile out. Seriously. You could just keep walking and it wouldn’t go past your chest. 

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Pretty great way to get their feet wet in the salty water.

When we finally returned back to the yacht club (and post Key Lime Pie, round 1), I found my sister in her most favorite spot in the world – at the water’s edge with her Kindle in hand.

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A beautiful lagoon wound through the grounds right as you stepped out of our condo, sandwiched between two pools. We were spoiled rotten, I tell you, and if you happened to time it just right, you would see the big parrot fish swimming lazy laps in the lagoon as it stretched around and tucked into different parts of the club property.

We wanted nothing less than full Floridian lifestyle, so we chatted up the local guy in the pool (who was very tan and a little tipsy – ha) for some good local digs, and he delivered. 

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The kids were handed little cups of dried oatmeal to feed the fish from the pier as we waited for our food, and to be honest, I have no recollection of what I ate for dinner because these were SO YUMMY.

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But i do remember the company. :)

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Do you see that handsome guy in my arms? I begged him from my toe to please have a few normal faces in pictures on this trip, so I could remember how cute his face is and how much I adore those freckles, and he obliged.


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