Cupcakes and Ink.

We are all about birthdays right now, and please don’t be sick of them yet, because we’re still planning Ewan’s belated birthday party set to happen in about nine days. Everybody needs a day that’s a party for them and about them. Everybody needs that one day that celebrates to the high heavens that you are special and how we grateful we are that you are in our lives and we get to love you. But mostly, everybody needs an extra special cupcake or two.

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Found the how-to for these cutie pie (ha) cupcakes in the new, What’s New, Cupcake? book. I still thank my friend, Tricia, for introducing me to the fun that comes with making silly cupcakes every once in while. The kids thank you more, Tricia!

I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to top the little guy’s fun ride on the bus for Hank’s birthday, but he picked the perfect thing. We spent the evening here, at Junkyard Ink.

20110217 newtattoo 3

New ink.

20110217 newtattoo 1

New ink, in fact, to honor the little guy. Check it.

20110217 newtattoo 4

20110217 newtattoo 5

I think I could get tattoos all of the time if they stopped right here.

20110217 newtattoo 9

But then you have to lay down and stay down.

20110217 newtattoo 10

I guess I could still hang through the coloring with Sharpie markers part, too.

20110217 newtattoo 12

But then they color with other things. Like needles. Owie.

20110217 newtattoo 15

20110217 newtattoo 16

He’s sick and twisted. I guess that you could say, by judging that arm there, that he doesn’t mind the coloring with needles part.

20110217 newtattoo 20

Maybe it’s ok because of this.

20110217 newtattoo 21

Four hours later, and it was my bedtime, but they weren’t quite finished yet.

20110217 newtattoo 25

20110217 newtattoo 23

Two hours after that picture, it was mostly finished. I’ll post another pic in a week or so, after it’s healed. A few more sessions ’til completion, though, but wowie. It looks awesome. And our little man? He’s ecstatic that his picture is right there on Daddy’s arm.

As for me? I never thought that I would date, much less be married to, a man all tatted up. But I love it. I love that he’s wearing his family, our family, all over. That we are with him always. And that the boys look for their special symbols and their sweet faces whenever he wears a short-sleeved shirt.

Plus, he can’t ever get too mad at me because my face and name are in there, too. *big toothy grin*

Happy Birthday baby. I love you more.