Tonight was t-ball practice night numero uno. And it was an hour and a half long. AN HOUR AND A HALF. For 4-5  year olds. Wowza. So I’m sure you understand why this picture is so entertaining. An hour into practice, and it seemed that most little folks were spinning their helmets around like Darth Vader and the littles who didn’t have helmets on were whacking the ones with helmets on…on the head. Fun times.

And afterward, there were serious conversations of why boys and girls were on the same team. The idea of this is sort of blowing Holden’s mind. For the past two weeks, every outfit change, every toy accessory, and every chore completed warrants him asking, “How old do I look?” Evidently, the older you are, the less appealing the idea of co-ed teams is.

I shall remind him of this when he’s a teenager and trying like hell to actually be around the opposite sex more. On purpose. With an agenda. Oh well now I’m just grossing myself out.

Hmmm. Maybe this little man is giving Holden some tips on how to step into your swing to put the power there.

And now for the 70’s flashback pic. Except his shorts are way too long. They should be those white trimmed short shorts that show the whole thigh and knee socks with red and white stripes at the top. Those were fantastic. And I may or may not have had/worn that outfit way back when.

And now…time for the Giant Baby pics. He squats, he stands!

Giant Baby spies a baseball…

And then, as always, Giant Baby takes a pause so that the wind can whip through his hair.

Over and out.