Last night, my main squeeze and I had a shooting date. He graciously waited as I set up our tripod, attached the remote, and then stood spot-to-spot while I looked for just the right light and just the right background to take some pictures of us, complete with “don’t move” and “step two big steps to your right”.

Thank you, babe, for always indulging me.

And P.S.: For those of you with this setup, it’s way more fun to set shots up like this with just you and your man out in a field somewhere. This super-secret tip could be bad for business, but we were loads less self-conscious about taking these ourselves! PDA rules! ;)

0727 h&m-008-Edit 0727 h&m-009-Edit 0727 h&m-011-Edit 0727 h&m-013 0727 h&m-015 0727 h&m-017 0727 h&m-021

Sometimes…you have to remind your favorite person how fun picture-taking is. :) He’ll warm up eventually.

0727 h&m-022 0727 h&m-023 0727 h&m-024

Love him.

0727 h&m-019-Edit