Desperately seeking summer.

I am so desperately trying to hold on to summer. I swear it was just last week when the Fish was ending Kindergarten and he and I had a conversation about what the summer would hold:  a trip to Oklahoma and a couple of in-state getaways, my coveted work time during the Rev’s nap, t-ball, swimming, backyard shenanigans.

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Also on our list of stuff done? Some unexpected things, like waiting for the ice cream truck while sitting on the kitchen table; a sudden love for Harry Potter and lightning bolts drawn on foreheads; and adventures in potty training.



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I don’t know what happened to our long ol’ lazy days, but next week they come to an abrupt end with the start of school.

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And it’s funny, but I think the Fish is so ready.

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Up until last week, we stretched out our evenings to lick up every last drop of sunshine, which meant sleeping in for him in the mornings until about 9 or 9:30. But this weekend, in the aftermath of touring his new school and meeting up with friends he hadn’t seen since June, he has decided that he should go to bed an hour earlier and start getting up earlier in the morning.


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He’s been waking up the past three mornings on his own, eeking that time up a little each day. I’d say that someone is a bit excited to get this 1st-grader thing going.

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I’m ready, too, I guess. I’ll miss him and our days together, but he has such a good time going to school that I’m jumping on that crazy train with him. Little bro, however, might be at a loss without big bro’s companionship. Oh who am I kidding. There’s gonna be no one to kick or hit or punch or sit too hard on. No one playing with stuff that he can steal and try to make yell and then everyone gets in trouble.

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But also no one to kiss and hug and say, “We’re bwothas” and “Hey let’s dancth” and “Run!!!” and cackle throughout the house. No one to eat chocolate with as a treat for pooping in the potty.

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Wow. I bet that last part was a little too much information for some. Sorry about that.

Moving on.

Hope your summer has been full of warmth and splashing and cooling off and swatting mosquitos and licking up the melted popsicle drips from your fingers and arms. It’s nearly time to turn the page for that next chapter in this fleeting life story…

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