Dinosaurs, and volcanoes in Wyoming.

dinosaur-printable-invitationHolden: “I’m glad I’m not a dinosaur. They lived a long time ago, like a hundred and sixty-one years.”

Dad: “It was longer than that.”

Holden: “Yeah. Like a hundred and sixty-TWO years.”


Holden: “How do volcanoes hurt you?”

Dad: “They’re SO hot that it melts the rocks, and then those melted rocks shoot out like rain and burn everything they land on.”

Holden: “Where are the volcanoes?”

Dad: “Hawaii has volcanoes.”

Holden: “No, that place that you went to get our fireworks.”

Dad: “Wyoming?”

Holden: “Yeah. The volcanoes in Wyoming.”

And there you have it. Geography 101. Next week, I’ll be going to be the beach. In Wyoming.