Oh, cabin fever.

It’s not been from rain or snow or cold or the usual things that bring on cabin fever, but from the heat. And we decided to throw our sweaty arms up in the air and punt, digging through our mental files of fun, inside things to do. Our community center was closed for maintenance, so swimming was out, but then we remembered…the library.

I love the library. Our boys love the library. It’s a pretty cool spot.

Ewan looks very tiny there.




But he also looks insanely smart.




This really is a fantastic Sunday afternoon laze-the-day-away place. There are chairs just the right size for small folks. Tables loaded with games and heavy, push-in seats are tucked around like invitations to play with friends. And books are displayed at just the right height for the little people interested in them.




And the aisles. Well, they’re just wide enough for Daddies to have a seat and dig through those bins, helping search for just the right book.






I had no idea that dinosaurs loved underpants. This must have been in the Jurassic research section. Holden…is…a genius.

And Ewan? He’s discovered another super power. He’s a self healer, like Wolverine, but with a different method. When he has a scrape, he just kisses and kisses it, right up until it heals.





But when he’s ready to leave, he does not like it when the doors do not magically open, like at the grocery store.




Must be the fast shoes that get him to the door so very quickly.

To spare and save the ears of the rest of the library patrons from Ewan’s protest, Holden helped me gather up our book choices and put them in our basket for check out. We had a pretty good haul to take back to our suburban cabin.

Just hope that those pesky dinosaurs don’t prefer suburban underpants.