I have been waiting patiently. Well, not quite true. I did sneak out to Hank’s FJ and nibble on whatever was hiding in the back a couple of times. Ok, maybe five times. Well, seven.

I couldn’t wait to help the boys eat their Easter chocolate.

The Easter Bunny had entrusted us with a certain stash of chocolate & peanut butter eggs, as well as a load of jelly beans. I don’t like jelly beans. And by the time Easter morning rolled around, the boys had plenty of those but not so plenty of the other. I must be destroyed.

They had a good time despite their awful, stealing, sneaky Mother.

At one point, we were all convinced that Ewan was about to surgically remove that chick from that egg.

Then he had to be sure about this guy.

So he poked him in the mouth. I think this will be my new approach when I meet people from now on.

Next came an intro to the chocolate eggs. He thought I was trying to poison him, until…

He tried it.

He liked it. A lot.

And Holden loved his jelly bean loot.

In the meantime, Ewan returned to throwing eggs on the ground so that they would break open, thus revealing more chocolate.

Which prompted more egg hunting on the part of Holden. They’re already a team, those two.

Later in the evening we had Easter dinner with friends, complete with more chocolate. Ewan liked that chocolate, too.

He liked it almost as much as fun with darts.

After those two activities, we were off for more egg hunting at our neighbor’s house before tucking into bed.