Erik. {senior session}

Well hello handsome.

20111010 S1028 Erik Haag 112

I swear, these young men are kinda blowing me away with their grown up-ness. Erik is an Eagle Scout, loves baseball, and is thinking about joining the Navy after graduation.

He had me at baseball.

Until I saw him drag out a Yankees hat, and I almost walked away from our session.

Oh I’m just kidding.

Sort of.

After a quick redeeming conversation about the Rockies (I think I failed to mention that Todd Helton is really my on-the-side boyfriend, unbeknownst to him or anyone else, actually), we hit it off and he tore it up during his session. Whether smiling or stoic, he’s sure to set some hearts on fire, including his Mom’s.

20111010 S1028 Erik Haag 153

Just loving how close these seniors are to their families, their moms in particular. It makes it seem not quite as hard that my two little ones are growing up at the speed of light.

Here are a few of my absolute faves from Erik’s senior session.

20111010 S1028 Erik Haag 109


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Erik |  senior 2012

Biggest accomplishment to date |  Eagle Scouting (is this a verb?); I’m proud to say that I now can boast knowing around 10 Eagle Scouts, which is rare

Post-grad aspiration |  the Navy

Why he’s so impressive |  His ease around people, self assuredness, love for his fam, and his heart for baseball. He’s kind of the epitome of an All-American boy. And I’d bet he knows how to tie a plethora of knots. (My husband does, too – another Scout guy in the Order of the Arrows)

Congrats Erik. Have a fantastic senior year; and remember, the Yankees stink and we love the Rockies!