Had a great idea? One that you obtained a volunteer to help you implement, and then accidentally tortured said volunteer?

Me too.

This gorgeous snowy landscaping we’ve had over the last couple of weeks has had this girl jonesing for a snowy shoot. So I waited until the sun came out and enlisted the help of our 8yo.

0202 snow-002 0202 snow-003 0202 snow-004 0202 snow-005 0202 snow-006 0202 snow-007

Only, it was so bright that he could barely keep even one eye open at a time. Even in shade.

0202 snow-008 0202 snow-009 0202 snow-010 0202 snow-011

So we searched for deeper shade.

0202 snow-013-Edit 0202 snow-016 0202 snow-017 0202 snow-018 0202 snow-019

And this was better…

But by this point, his eyes were watering so badly that I thought he was crying.

0202 snow-024

The End.

P.S. I begged for forgiveness with offerings of so much hot chocolate and so many cookies that I think he’s going to volunteer AGAIN! ;)

I am a terrible mother…