Everybody’s doing it.

Going to the pumpkin patch, that is. They have become events, these pumpkin patches. So much so that they post hours and host fall festivals and have ghost town tours and zombie paintball hunts.

After our fun time in the woods on Friday we sneaked back home to wait out a little rainstorm and cooler weather…I LOVE IT WHEN WE LUCK OUT WITH THE RIGHT DECISION.

The afternoon was PERFECT.

It was also the perfect place to really get the sillies out. I think that the best invention ever is the extra seat that you can fit on the back of these buggies. I made Holden do all of the work. :)

He wised up after about seven laps and booted the little guy off to find one his own size.

He decided to race him instead.

Small fry legs are powerful, too! Yay!

The fall festival here offers much more than just pumpkins. In fact, we didn’t even get around to picking out pumpkins.

The boys did this instead. However…I’m not sure how stoked Holden was about the barrels.

Hank is convinced that those barrels are how our government get people to talk. You get whipped around in those knee crunchers until you spill your super secrets.

I wouldn’t know, because I am smart enough not to ride in them. :)

The next thing, though, might run a close second – the wagon ride. I think that our tailbones were lodged in our throats by the time we wobbled out of this thing.

Seriously. You had to hold on with every ounce of strength just to stay in one spot.

But then. The piece de resistance.

The pumpkin launcher.

That sucker is hooked up to its own generator, which builds up mighty pressure if you get the right operator, which we did.

PURE DELIGHT to watch pumpkins fly across two whole fields to the ultimate destruction. It was epic.

I then gladly paid extra dollars to watch my children launch gourds at targets. They are mighty.

He totally nailed the cow. It’s all about form, you know.

Token picture for me. Oh the pain.

And just for the record, the growth chart seems to be off by about four inches.

I’m not kid-ding.


Seeing as we were almost at dusk, the boys did a quick leap and run and joy, joy, joy through and over the haybale maze before I MADE THEM LEEEEEEEAVE.

And then…

Someone noticed the Zombie Paintball Hunt entrance.

He. Was. OUT.

Stuck to me like glue the whole walk out. Well. Besides this part.

They were trying to make sure they weren’t “ladies.”

Not a bad evening for $9,472. :)

I’d better saving some more pennies for the actual pumpkins.

Happy Fall Festival-ing!