I’m not sure why it seems so funny to me, but as I watch our 3yo evolve and grow and show us new pieces of him, I can’t help but guffaw a little here and there.

I really like the word, “guffaw.” It should be used more.

He was an incredibly laid back baby. Such a snuggle mouse (still is), happy, funny, you name it. But as he gets older, there’s this competitive side to him that amazes me, and I can’t quite figure out if it’s because he’s a younger brother or if it’s really in his nature.

And truthfully,”competitive” might not be the best descriptor for him. Maybe it should be, “intense”.

Whenever I watch him at soccer or in a classroom at church or preschool, there he is, sitting close to the coach or teacher, asking for more.

Somersaulting with the ball between his feet before a “keek and run!”

His preschool teacher told me yesterday,

I love it! He finishes a work and then asks, ‘Will you teach me something NEW?’

He’ll also stop for a moment, look at me and say, “This is hard.”

But if I ask him if he’s still having fun?

It’s a resounding “YES” every time.

He’s a scrapper, that one.

I quite enjoy his evolution.

E’s Soccer Goal