our farm now has a guinea pig.

When he was little, he used to call them “bennie pigs.”

Now, I call our new guinea pig, “Holden.”

Since he’s currently out on summer break, he needs to earn his keep. Sometimes, that means fetching me ice water on a very hot day. Yesterday, he tagged along as my camera gear sherpa, list checker-offer, and all around guinea pig for a Boulder company’s headshot setup.

He pretty much rocked it.

Depending on how many of you have worked in advertising, you may or may not realize that we professionals can make the smallest slice of wall or storage corner look incredibly modern and stellar.


All we need is good lighting and a neutral backdrop. Or a white wall, as it were.


We also very much enjoy goofy clients who look a little bit like Brendan Fraser.


And M&Ms. We also very much enjoy M&Ms. :) (That’s a post-M&Ms coma below…)


Now that’s cheap labor. I heart you, new bennie pig.