First off, don’t get all excited that there’s a new blog post up.  I am writing it, not Mary so you should expect this to be factual and light on fluff.  Mary will be back tomorrow.

Erie hosts the Firecracker 4k each fourth of July a run/walk starting at the rec center and running through the business district of our small town.  Neither Mary nor I have ever participated in this event before but a few weeks ago, I signed us both up.

I am happy to report that yesterday, Mary RAN the entire course marking not only the first organized race she’d ever participated in, but the longest distance she’d ever run.  I couldn’t have been more proud.

Here is Mary, Scott and Ali pre race

and Mary with Holden afterward (Holden rode his bike along with us while Ewan kicked back and had snacks in the jog stroller).

So how much distance running did Mary do to complete this event?  None.

Her hard work at CrossFit allowed her to put up a 27:00 time!  Way to go baby.