the field trip.

Nice day = field trip outside.

Besides, our best advice received has been to handle them so they won’t be mean. I’m in love with them. And speaking of love, it was a very sad day here yesterday when two were lost. We had expected to lose at least one, because that’s just how it goes so often, but I wasn’t prepared for two. There are two new additions, both Polish, and they have afros. AFROS!!!! Let the Polak jokes begin.

0328 chicks-001

0328 chicks-002

0328 chicks-003

0328 chicks-004

0328 chicks-005

0328 chicks-006

I think we’ll just adopt this boy. :) It’s a pretty awesome thing to love your neighbor’s children, and more importantly your children’s friend, so very much.

0328 chicks-007

0328 chicks-008

0328 chicks-009

0328 chicks-010

0328 chicks-011

There’s no good segue for this. I’ll just say that it was taco time.

0328 chicks-012

0328 chicks-013

0328 chicks-014

0328 chicks-015

Now back to our field trip.

0328 chicks-016

What’s up?

Chicken butt.

0328 chicks-017

0328 chicks-018