Well…I did it. A roll of film that has been waiting to be developed for a couple of months now has been *gasp* developed. These are my faves of my first try with my Canon A-1, 35mm camera. And I’ll also add that these were developed at Walgreen’s, since I was quite sure there would nothing on the roll except very white and very dark exposures. Yay. They don’t suck, but the quality does. :)

I also feel that I need to add a disclaimer…this is a very new thing to me, this film stuff. I never learned anything about film, so I’m rocking it blind on everything manual, including focus. I know that it’s a very different look than digital, but I just love it. These are exactly as I shot them – no adjustments – which eventually will make me a much more patient and better photographer, and it will keep me behind the camera more instead of in front of my computer doing post-processing work. Next up will be medium format film scanned at a real lab! Learning on!

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