Filthy Fifty.

Oh boy! It’s been a while since I’ve done a CrossFit post, and this one is more than worthy. This past week, we did the Filthy Fifty. It’s at least the third time that our gym has done some version of this WOD, but my first attempt at anything Filthy Fifty-ish. After I survived almost 33 minutes of the torture, I snuck back to the gym during Hank’s workout that afternoon to document.

To put this into perspective, here are the WOD details:

  • -50 box jumps (20″ for women/24″ for men)
  • -50 jumping pullups
  • -50 kettlebell swings (35# for women/#55 for men)
  • -50 walking lunges
  • -50 K2E (knees to elbows)
  • -50 push presses (45#)
  • -50 back extensions
  • -50 wallballs (#10 for women/#20 for men)
  • -50 burpees
  • -50 double unders

I can’t help but be inspired every time I walk into that place.

20110503 CCF 0503 70

A bonus? How much they love our kids.

Ccf blog

20110503 CCF 0503 269


20110503 CCF 0503 270

And how much our kids love them.

20110503 CCF 0503 264

20110503 CCF 0503 265

Our boys run into their arms just like family.

Look at these guys.

Ccf box jumps

They tear it up, every day.

CCF KB swingsCCF K2EThey show you how to give it everything you’ve got.

Mary Pantier Photography  229 of 1

Mary Pantier Photography  232 of 1

Have to show him again. Wowza.

CCF hank K2E

If you’re reading this and wondering if you could ever do this, you can. There are people here from two to 50-something.

CCF Janet

This guy, when he sees you do something you haven’t done before, will send you a text message like, “I saw what you did. Keep the hammer down and let’s go!” And that fires me up like nobody’s business, to have someone believe in me like that. To see in me stuff that I don’t, and to tease that out in bits and pieces to show me that it’s there.

CCF JasonSo powerful.

CCF burpees

Even after nearly a year of training here, it’s so very powerful.

CCF Brian Tri

How can you not be inspired?

20110503 CCF 0503 114

CCF Hank wallballs

CCF Justin wallballs

I am particularly inspired by this guy and his post-WOD hairstyle.

CCF Pittman

Pure awesomeness.

Even Murph the dawg loves it here.

Mary Pantier Photography  228 of 1

Oh gracious. There’s tongue out on both of them. Ew.

Mary Pantier Photography  227 of 1

Everyone gets a rope.

Or drug around by one.

CCF Jumproping

And everyone gets a helping hand when needed.CCF Helping

See? Everyone.

CCF Helping 2

Even when all you wanted to do was yell into the tire to hear the funny sounds it makes.

20110503 CCF 0503 288

The scorekeeper. It’s important, because your power and output are measurable, and then you can track your success and progress over time.

CCF Scorekeeper

Breathe. Focus. Recover.

CCF Focus

And chill.

CCF Justin and Hank